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Why we geocache

Today I thought I'd talk about something different.

I was out finding a cache (GC2Z9KW) today in the bush that is near where I live. As it turns out it was an excellent cache. The container was large... yes large! It was hidden in a beautiful piece of bush near a small creek. It was really worth the several kilometre walk to find it.

Spring has sprung here in Sydney and the wildflowers are out and are sight to behold.

One of the big reasons why we go geocaching is to enjoy the outdoors. It's about adventures and experiences, and one of the great experiences is enjoying creation at its best.

Because I am out in the bush so much I thought that I should learn more about the local flora and fauna. So I bought a book and a CD about plants that grow locally. Now, I'm certainly not an expert on the subject, but it's nice to be able to walk through the bush and identify the various plants that I encounter. It's also good to watch the changing seasons and know the different times that plants bloom. It gives you a closer connection with nature.

I got my camcorder out and recorded a small sample of blooms that you'll see if you take the time stop and smell the ... err wildflowers.

Go out and enjoy your local piece of the outdoors.

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