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How to build a Sneaky Birdhouse Geocache

In this video, MonsterCatAmbush in Bloomington, Indiana gives away the secrets of his latest geocache. He built a very sneaky birdhouse geocache that you can't open... that is, unless you solve the puzzle and let the birdy help you find a way in.

If you live near Bloomington you really need to check out this video. Of course he only shows you how to open the geocache - not how to solve the puzzle. For that you'll need to do some ornithological research.

This is another example of a high quality geocache. Hopefully you find some inspiration for your next geocache. I know of at least one geocacher who was inspired to build a more creative geocache since watching MonsterCatAmbush.

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  1. This is a cool cache but the video needs to be retitled as it is not about how to build the cache.  It only shows you how the cache works.

  2. I am a mechanical engineer who like biulding tricky caches. What is the mechanism that you used to latch the lid of your birdhouse? I am looking for a robust latch. Where did you durchase the hardware?



  3. I’ve tried 3 times to get ahold of MonsterCatAmbush, but I don’t get a response. Is there another way to get the plans for his birdhouse? I would really like to make one :)

    • Hi Jeff,

      I don’t think he has any blueprints – he just built it from a plan in his head. I reckon it would be easy to copy. The only tricky bit is the catch but with a bit of thought you could work out your own mechanism.
      Here’s his GC profile page:

  4. Dear MonsterCatAmbush,

    I would be grateful if you could tell me how to make the bird house and cryptex? I have been trying to get ahold of you for some time.
    Thank you
    USMC Retired

  5. Can anyone tell me MonsterCatAmbush geocaching page?

    Kind Regards,
    USMC Retired
    or email me

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