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AMAZING geocache container (Cryptex)

If you want to build a Cryptex geocache similar to this, check out this video.

I visited Bloomington, Indiana and hung out with a great group of geocachers - MonsterCatAmbush, DJHobby, ErWin and Mickey4Jes. Bloomington is famous for being the home of Hoagy Carmichael and Indiana University.

The geocachers here are concerned about improving the quality of geocaches, and go to a lot of trouble to put out the highest quality hides.  They were very hospitable and showed me some of the quality hides around town.   They were kind enough to give their views on video, and I'll put them soon.

Here's an amazing geocache container called a Cryptex created by MonsterCatAmbush which will be used as part of a mystery geocache.  It consists of an outer container made from three concentric tubes and an inner container.  You can only remove the inner container by rotating rings that form a combination lock.

You can see that he has gone to a lot of trouble to put this together.  He really knows how to geocache with high quality geocaches.  Check out the video.


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  1. Hey, cool blog! Thanks… ;)

  2. Credit where credit is due!  Here’s the web page where I saw one of these made.  I think mine came out a little better, but hey, that’s just me!  Thanks again for your visit and going along as we dashed around town finding stuff.

  3. Hi AndrewLove the site :) ….. tell heather to send some of her friends to Blue Tea for a new custom kitchen designs in SydneyXX

  4. Mmmm, now you’ve got me thinking…… I’m off to the workshop.

  5. Wow! That’s an amazing container! We’ve just started our website selling Geocaching supplies to Australia and New Zealand, and I’d love to be able to sell some custom caches like these. Any chance you could forward MonsterCatAmbush’s contact details?javascript:nicTemp();

  6. Nice cache Container

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