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What makes a good cache?

Progeocaching interviews Usat31 about what makes a good geocache. There are so many geocaches out there with few redeeming features. They are little more than plastic trash. It's always good to talk to experienced geocachers to find out tips from them about how to geocache.

Here Usat31 shares his thoughts on what makes a good cache and gives some tips on how to geocache.

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  1. Talk about leading the witness. Interesting interview technique. I like a good drive by cache, favourite series is the MAD MAX series in Victoria. 

  2. Thank you very much for this information. I have been looking for this topic for a report that I am writing for school and this will help very much.

  3. Skydog, Usat31Well done guys and a great Site Andrew. I will have to check in on a regular basis. Joining your RSS feed.

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